Nutrition Assessment

A Registered Dietitian will work with you to assess your usual dietary intake & identify areas where you can make changes to meet your nutrition & health goals.

Supplement Advice

Discussion on evidence informed supplement recommendations and how they can be used safely.

Food Allergy Screen

Screening for food allergies during the initial assessment and referral for further testing if indicated.


We will work with you to customize a dietary plan to help you meet & maintain your dietary goals.

Educational Material

Educational materials will be provided to reinforce teachings. These include a summary of actionable items and quality food sources.

Support & Follow-up

We will ensure you feel empowered to make the necessary dietary & lifestyle changes to support your health. Follow-up & online support will be determined on a case-by-case basis.


Nutrition counselling aims to help you understand information about your health & focuses on the benefits of behaviour change.

Pre and Post Workout Guidance

Optimizing your pre and post workout routines to fuel you up before and help you recover faster after. Information on food intake timing and types of foods will be provided.

Diet Analysis

Review of the current diet you are following as well as guidance on any appropriate changes. Overview of macro and micronutrients.